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Arriaga Tray


Decorative natural style tray to serve dishes and cocktails.

Made with natural wood veneer and treated with resins and bakelite inside.

- It can be washed with a damp cloth and a hand scourer.
- With rounded edges and sanded edges, they make this bandela suitable for the whole family.
- With handles for a better grip.

- Local manufacture.


Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 30.4 × 41.7 × 2.2 cm
Colours & Materials

Made with natural wood veneer and treated with resins and bakelite inside.


The Arriaga natural style tray emerges as an economical and versatile choice to elevate the experience of serving dishes and cocktails. Its natural matte finish adds a hint of warmth and authenticity, making it the ideal complement to infuse a touch of wood to your kitchen or dining room.
This practical accessory not only looks good, but also plays an essential role. Thanks to its functional design, it makes it possible to carry food and drinks easily to the sofa or terrace, avoiding the risk of falls or spills and improving comfort in your home.Made of natural wood veneer, the tray has been treated with resins and bakelite on the inside to ensure durability and resistance. Its dimensions of 30.4 × 41.7 × 2.2 cm make it a versatile element, adapting to various needs.In addition to its attractive design and functionality, the tray stands out for its easy maintenance.

It can be hand washed with a scouring pad and damp cloth, making it easy to clean and ensuring that it retains its natural and charming appearance over time.In conclusion, this decorative tray not only brings a stylish touch to your home, but also simplifies your daily life by offering a practical and affordable solution for serving and transporting food with style and ease. Elevate the elegance of your space with this functional and stylish option.

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