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Atlantic Style

Atlantic-style furniture is a stylistic trend that encompasses a style of products with a sober, elegant, robust character with rounded lines. Natural finishes, soft and non-strident colors.

Influenced by the character of the people who live on its coasts, a character linked to its climate where it rains a lot, a mild climate and calm by the action of the sea. The gray that covers many days the skies of its coast has influenced culture, tradition, architecture, the green of the fields that cover the slopes near the sea.

Soft character, rich in nuances. A style with a clear marine origin, bathed by an ocean of strong currents and cold waters, strong waves and with a hangover. High and steep coasts. Leaving strong roots in its people, who value the autochthonous and the local.

The Atlantic style seeks simplicity and elegance as banners. Wood floods everything, a solid wood, with natural finishes. The objective is to achieve calm, warm, relaxing spaces with natural outdoor light. The light colours reflect this light, which is a scarce good.

Wicker, red clay, linen, esparto and sandstone are the perfect complements in this style. Raw and untreated materials, showing the natural essence.



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